Glyphosate is dangerous because it mimics glycine – Samsel and Seneff

Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff have published a fresh paper on glyphosate, fifth of the series – listed below. Here the scientists show how glyphosate is an analog (mimic) of glycine, one of the most prevalent of the 21 amino acids that form the basic building blocks of life. Thus, by being a mimic of a molecule that is required for building a lot of our parts, such as proteins, glyphosate is able to slip through our immune system and creates a havoc in our biology. By “our biology” I mean all life, anything that is living.

Here Anthony Samsel is seen speaking with me, in two parts. The term ‘mimic’ is used by me, Samsel, being a proper scientist, uses the world analog.

This is among the most important of informations you will find, to understand glyphosate and how it gets into our proteins and hurts us at a cellular and biological level, which is different from its toxicity, or its ability to cause immediate harm at the chemical level.


Links to Anthony Samsel’s five peer reviewed papers can be found at ResearchGate, by typing in his name and browsing through his publications. Alternately, they can also be downloaded from here:

Its for reasons like this that I had initiated three parallel efforts to deal with Glyphosate at the public level and a few more on a personal level.

The public ones are:
Asking the Canadian Government to place all safety test documents and raw data on glyphosate on public domain. This should include each and every document that helped the government to reach the decision that glyphosate was safe. I created two different petitions on this:

  1. A petition on
  2. One more on Canadian House of Commons e-petition platform.

Apart from those, I am involved in creating a grassroots movement, which is more global in its approach, for people to demand to their local healthcare services and governments, to start testing of local food on a monthly basis for presence of glyphosate and to make the data public. A third petition to this specific goal is created where the decision makers would be anybody in charge of the local healthcare service, or local public servant involved with health, or local mayor or governor or premier.

3. Here is the third petition.

If you believe in this, you might consider signing some of these petition, and share, or get involved in identifying more potential decision makers, for the third petition.
Tony Mitra

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