Reading Poison Foods on Kindle App

The eBook ‘POISON FOODS OF NORTH AMERICA” is up on Amazon now. It sells under the the banner of a Kindle edition. It describes how a person could adapt and modify one’s eating habit in order to avoid being slow poisoned by a steady dose of glyphosate. The analysis is based on 7,800 odd records of foods tested by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), of which I got a copy of the raw data of the tests.

As a result there has been some confusion among potential customers, that they might be forced to buy a hardware device from Amazon, in order to read these books. Well, as it happens, that is not true. Amazon sells a free app for various devices. I have found reading the book on my computer to be the most pleasing because of the lovely appearance of the tables.

This blog is written for those who have a doubt if they can read the book “POISON FOODS OF NORTH AMERICA” if do not have a kindle reader device, and think they cannot read this book without that device. Many are reluctant to buy this device only to read one book. This blog is for them and the purpose is to assure them that they do not need to buy an additional device just for one book.

A kindle app logo looks like the one at the right. It is available free of charge at Amazon, and there is an app for each kind of device in your home, such as a computer, or a tablet or a smart phone etc.

The book cover is shown below. I initially thought this would be a temporary cover and I shall move on to a better looking cover later on. But, I think human brain associates some images with the matter represented by that image. In other words, this book cover image is now linked with the book on glyphosate in Food as tested by CFIA. So I shall let the cover stay for now.

The book, if read through my MAC laptop using the kind app, looks quite pleasant. One of the chapters are shown below as a sample.

Finally, I made a four minute video showing how it actually looks on my mac laptop.

Hope this will assist folks.

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