Making a poster on Carla Qualtrough

Am thinking of making a poster with the attached picture.

This is to be in a poster

The picture is genuine and not doctored. The information on it is factual.

When she voted to defeat bill C-291 about labelling of GMO, I considered her to have stepped outside of the boundaries set by the constitution for her role. She was to check the views of the constituents, and only the constituents, and reflect that on this very important bill. Instead, she make the decision on her own, or on advise of people other than the constituents. In doing so, in my judgment, she betrayed the interest of the people and assumed dictatorial powers instead of being a public servant.

I created the below video to read out a letter I wrote to her. Her office has responded that she will provide a fulsome response within 4 weeks.

Anyhow, I thought of creating a large poster with the top image of me and Carla standing together, with the text as it appears across the picture.

I am thinking of posting one on my front lawn. I am also contemplating standing with one in front of her office in Delta on the days when she attends the office. I would love to have a few like minded folks to join me, perhaps sit on a plastic chair, sip coffee and discuss the future of mankind while holding the poster for the people to see.

It would be cool if news reporters come to take a picture and cover the story. But, instead of waiting for main stream media, we can create our own news by reporting it ourselves.

Before doing all that, I intend to check with Delta Police department to ensure I am not breaking any law. I also intend to check with the Municipality of Delta and ensure I am within my rights according to the Municipal laws. I might inform the BC government in Victoria of my plans and let them know if I am breaking any law.

And finally, I intend to sen an email to MP Qualtrough to keep her advised of my plans and to let me know if she has any objection and if so what are those objections.

This is a preliminary post to air out my views and ideas of expanding the role of an activist and concerned citizen of the civil society, to try to change the behaviour of our politicians and educate them that they need to check with citizens before voting on important bills.

I consider this to be part of my citizens duty, from the day I became a Canadian citizen.

What do you think ?