Tired of detractors like Martin Carlina

Tired of two bit pseudo activists with little knowledge trying to badmouth me at my own wall. I used the choice word “fuck off” for the first time, out of anger, at them.

I got pretty upset with whole horde of people coming to my own wall on Facebook to badmouth me because I said I was going to talk about why I am disappointed with Vandana Shiva and the like.

It started a few days ago, when I also said why I am disappointed by the GMOs Revealed series.

Some years ago, I had a major fallout with some of my long term associates in anti-GMO fights, because I had publicly criticized Steve Drukers book “Altered Genes, twisted Truth”.

I bought an original copy of the printed book, read through all the twenty odd chapters and was appalled to note how little the menace of glyphosate was mentioned, by someone that claims to research high degree of Government collusion in approval of GMOs. Someone that has researched it so long, to have missed the big picture of glyphosate and the degree of ravages it can cause, was extremely disappointing for me. I could not fathom how a person could spend years on GMO and miss glyphosate.

I criticized him for it on my blog. The news reached Steve Druker, through some US scientists. Steve Druker sent me a long email accusing me of doing him a deserve. he claimed that the book had two additional chapters on glyphosate but he dropped it because the publisher suggested it.

I found it unacceptable that he wrote only two chapters out of 23 to cover glyphosate, and the fact that he had to drop those two chapters just because the publisher might have though the book was getting long. He could have dropped something else. Anyhow, I am a reader and I have a right to review a book and I told Druker if he wishes to discuss, we can talk on phone but I am not budging from my view that this book is greatly disappointing because it imparts half the truth to the people and gives no clue on what to do and keeps them under near total darkness about glyphosate.

Druker did not agree to speak on phone and I remain greatly disappointed about the book and about Druker, till date. A few scientists like liked Druker tried to mediate and make me soften my view. But I did not. I am who I am, Druker or no Druker. I hope he learned a lesson and if he wants to write something again, he will not sidestep glyphosate and he will not sidestep the issue of the American citizens more than Monsanto or FDA being the most responsible groups of people for this shit coming down on the planet.

Anyhow, forget Druker. This blog is not about him o this book. This book is about my annoyance at the so called anti-GMO useless groupies for restricting my freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of action, because I refuse to be a lemming.

I am having an incremental positive action, not much, but tell tale signs are there, both at the political level and also at the grassroots level, that things are moving, even if too slowly, it is at least producing some measurable results.

This is about who I am, where I come from, where I am going, and why I am so stubborn and am unwilling to run with the pack.

This is me. And all you folks, Martin Carlina and the rest – can go fly a kite.

Book Price – Poison Foods of North America

I am making this video and this blog to settle the issue of the price of the book I wrote.

It has multiple level prices

  • Free for kindle members
  • Low (around $8 US and under $10 Canadian)
  • Quite high for case by case printed copy from Amazon – USD 82 or so as of now.

The first two are for private citizens and general public. The last price is for institutions, libraries etc. Around 90% of that high cost goes to cost of printing and commission for Amazon. That is how the system works.

I also read out the review of the book as penned by US scientist Stephanie Seneff.