External Resource

  1. Stephanie Seneff on video – Glyphosate-Aluminum Synergistic Poisoning
  2. Samsel-Seneff paper on Toxicology – pathway to disease
  3. Samsel-Seneff on Entropy
  4. Friends of the earth, Europe, on Glyphosate limits
  5. UN CODEX – Glyphosate residue in food & feed
  6. EPA – eCFR Title 40: 180.364 Glyphosate; tolerance for residues

Internal Resource

  1. Anthony Samsel blast GMO technology
  2. Audio Podcast of talk with Dr.Vallianatos, exposing EPA
  3. Audio Podcast with Dr. Stephanie Seneff on Glyphosate in the menu
  4. Audio Podcast with Dr. Don Huber on Glyphosate
  5. MP Alex Atamanenko weighs in on Glyphosate Testing
  6. Tony on Liberty Beacon Radio – about nationwide Glyphosate Testing
  7. March Against Monsanto Vancouver ’14 – Presentations
  8. Councillor Allan Patton’s effort to stop GMO through Municipalities of Canada
  9. Sheryl McCumsy of Alberta tries to have lawn pesticides banned.
  10. Cartagena Protocol, GMO, and Canada
  11. Harold Steves battles to save BC from GMO attack
  12. Shiv Chopra on how Corruption in Canadian Govt is spoiling our food
  13. Gene Revolution – by Thierry Vrain


  1. Letter to Elizabeth May, leader of Green Party new
  2. Letter to producer of milk brand Natrel
  3. Letter to BC Ministry of Environment
  4. Letter to BC Ministry of Agriculture
  5. Letter to BC Ministry of Forestry
  6. Letter to PEI Minister of Agriculture
  7. Letter to Walmart and Safeway
  8. Letter to Dairyland milk producer
  9. Letter to Minister of Health, Govt of Canada
  10. Calling all Canadians for Glyphosate Testing

Material and links

  1. Glyphosate testing – Packaging details for shipment of sample to USA. New
  2. Questionnaire – for Glyphosate Testing Candidates new
  3. National Glyphosate Testing Flyer #4 – details new
  4. Nationwide Glyphosate Testing Flyer #3
  5. Nationwide Glyphosate Testing Flyer #2
  6. Nationwide Glyphosate Testing Flyer #1
  7. Crowd Funding for Glyphosate Testing of poor people – Please donate
  8. Web Site – GMO free NETWORK
  9. Tony Mitra’s Blog
  10. Low Cost Bulk Processing of GLYPHOSATE TESTING – details
  11. Email for Canadians:
  12. Email for Americans:
  13. GE Food Talk Tour Map – Manitoba

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