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Dear all Canadians and Americans,

We finally have a solution and a quotation – mass scale Glyphosate testing at affordable cost – all in USD.

Those of you that are still wondering what Glyphosate is – it is the molecule that is the prime killer in Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide, and suspected by many to be linked with a series of chronic and serious illnesses as well as possible species deaths. But unfortunately for us, the Government of Canada, or the US Govt has apparently not conducted any test of its own, or any independent tests outside of free from political or the industry control or influence, to see if this broad spectrum high volume use of this weed killer is causing any harm to the living eco-system or to human beings.

Above is the basic breakdown, for Canada. All prices are in USD and the cost is same for USA except the shipping cost, which will be $20 or so less for USA, far as I remember.

The basic explanation is in the table itself, but what it means is that:

We need local groups in each region in Canada, to organize and muster people that are willing to pay for at least 40 samples. The basic cost will be 28.50 per test or water, urine and blood. It will be 29.50 for cooking oil such as canola. And it will be 31.50 for soil, bread and corn.

For liquids, it needs to be in 2 mL botles. For solids: 5-10g/tube.

In case we stick with line item 3, i.e. water, urine and blood, the total cost should be USD 1140. The box we receive will have the white insulated container and also a cage and 40 tubes in it along with a cold pack. The cold pack needs to be put in a fridge, to cool it down and then, when samples are drawn and in the box, the cold pack needs to be inserted before it is shipped out.

We have Jenny White, Rob and Tina in Ontario that will prepare the first batch from Toronto region. I expect to have more batches from Edmonton and places in Alberta and I am hoping Craig can muster up a batch from Montreal.

We also have Stephanie from Vancouver island that will work, perhaps with others we already know, to muster up the first batch of samples from the island.

I do not yet have anybody from the tri-city area of the lower mainlands in BC or from Vancouver proper. I am hoping that in the next few days we shall have some interest from there too.

We hope folks from the Maritime Provinces will organize for local sampling initiative.

Meanwhile, Moms Across America group has taken this up for a coast to coast testing drive. Also, Catherine from Minnesota is a volunteer that works closely with us and might round up more local groups from her region. I hope more people come forward to join the tests.

Eventually we shall have a need for some web-database guy to help prepare the database that will put up the results, without personal names and ID, so the real picture emerges on how much poisoning North Americans are subjected to – thanks to Glyphosate.

More on this later. Those that are wondering what the 96T ELISA kit is all about, the picture above is only an abbreviation of the first two steps. It involves addition of standard samples, antibody solution and enzyme conjugate before washing the plate and adding of substrate/colour solutions, stopping solution and finally a calibration, or measurement, of the resultant colour. That, in a single sentence is what 96T ELISA test – which stands for Enzyme-linked Immunosorbet Assay – is all about.

Those that wish to get organized – and need flyers, can download this one.

This offer is for batches of 40 only. So anybody that is willing to muster up 40 samples from each region and collect the funds for this, and is ready to place order – please send email to either me, or to Glyphosate Testing Canadian or US team or check with Zen Hunneycutt of Moms Across America.

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  1. Hello

    Maybe I am being a bit anal here, but glyphosate does not react with the immune system directly. Instead it reacts with what is called the transcriptome, the machinery in our cells that translates the mRNA into protein. Once it is messing with our protein production, it is able to mess with absolutely every system in our body, not just our immune system.


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