Catherine Colvin – a unique journey in the path of detoxification

Here is a remarkable story of Catherine Colvin of Minnesota, USA.
Sick from possible excessive exposure to harmful chemicals, she had a series of debilitating illnesses from childhood.

Catherine Colvin

By the time she was in her 40s, the doctors had given up on her, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Thyroid, and blood cancer to name such a few. She was looking towards another 2 or 3 years to live under lingering pain and disability.

She lost her job, her medical insurance and her support system from the healthcare industry. That was in 2006. She should have been dead long before today.

and yet, she survived, and is well on her way to curing herself, without funds, without medical insurance and without western medicine, so to speak.

Her primary tactic was to remove synthetic chemicals from her life and her lifestyle. Her second line of defence was to study alternative medicine practiced by just about everybody except the western medical profession. And she lived to tell the tale.

  • She was a military child, and was exposed to a chemical environment from childhood.
  • She had allergies, small cysts on skin, asthma. She got sick after vaccines
  • Her mother had her on birth control to her at 13
  • She wen anemic at 14
  • She developed endometriosis symptoms at 14 though not diagnosed until 19
  • Doctors recommended that she should have a hysterectomy because it was the only cure and she would never have children anyway. She did not have the hysterectomy at the time, thankfully – and eventually got to be a mother of two healthy sons – now, 29 and 34.
  • She had multiple sclerosis from childhood.
  • In 1989 she finally had a hysterectomy
  • In 2005 She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Same year, 2006 she was confirmed to have multiple sclerosis
  • Also in 2006, she was diagnosed with acute paraproteinemia – a blood cancer.
  • She was to face life expectancy of next 2 to 3 years. She should not be alive today at all.
  • She lost her high paying job. She lost her medical insurance. Doctors stopped speaking with her. She only had to wait for death.
  • But she outlived all expectations, and cured most of her illness, without the medical establishment, without insurance and mostly without western medicine.
  • The most effective treatment she did – was remove synthetic chemicals from her life.
  • She learned what alternative treatments, usually outside the U.S. such as Chinese, Indian, African, Latin American and American Indian treatments.
  • Changed diet drastically – eating things that were easy to digest and beginning to heal her gut microbiome.
  • She avoided trans fats, sugars
  • She went on celiac diet for about 6 months
  • She detoxed herself with the lemonade diet or Master Cleanse for a few months and now twice yearly
  • She used mega-doses of zero toxicity supplements such as liposomal vitamin C which she can now make at home, vitamin D, E, K, A, the B’s and others.
  • She mixed her own RO (reverse osmosis) water with baking soda and sea salt and trace minerals
  • She used dehydrated greens 3 times daily as a drink
  • She used 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to dilute and use for soaking in baths and washing vegetables
  • And she went organic – organic – organic.
  • Within months most of her symptoms where receding. Her blood cancer started curing itself. Today, it is undetectable.
  • Multiple sclerosis started healing. She could walk a block without collapsing.
  • She tried every unconventional treatment. She found out that, for her thyroid, in some nations, patients are given a diet of the thyroid gland of a cow or pig, chopped up and raw. She found the same treatment used in the west for pets, such as thyroid issues for a pet dog or cat – but not humans.She ordered thyroid gland from an organic grass fed cow, for her imaginary “sick dog”. Then she ground out the meat, and ate it raw herself, along with enzymes to help her digest it (she had gone vegetarian by then, so she needed help to digest raw meat). Her thyroid problem is fast improving.
  • She removed chemicals from her life by tossing out store sold soap and makes her own, for washing her clothes, her dishes and even herself.

Today, she has not only outlives expectations, her blood cancer cannot be detected, her sheer tiredness is gone. She has a spring in her step. At 53, she is healing and aging at the same time. Far as I can tell, she is going to outlive me and many others of our generations.
This is the story of my friend Catherine Colvin of Minnesota, USA.

I am editing my interview with her – for a two part podcast.

The picture above is a recent one – well on her way to healing.

Introducing – Catherine Colvin – who defied death by stepping away from western medicine, diet, and to a large extent, rejecting the traditional western lifestyle – though she kept the motorcycle.

Is Croplife Canada trying to keep RoundUp under the carpet?

Dr. Thierry Vrain and self had a few presentations, talks and question and answers in Manitoba last month, including one in the town of Steinbach. The talk from Dr. Vrain was about Glyphosate and how dangerous it can be for our soil, water, food and in our body.

I spoke about Canada not having a single lab in Canada were we can test our body fluids and food for presence of Glyphosate, as well as how citizen’s grassroots actions, and political engagement at the Municipal level, can push back at this relentless encroachment of corporations into our rights to good health, environment and food.

Meanwhile, the president of Croplife Canada, wrote a letter to the editor of the Southeastern Manitoba newspaper – The Carilloon, which was posted by the paper. The letter basically criticizes Dr. Vrain, but misses his presentation completely.

The content of his letter is as attached.

I found this to be a misrepresentation of facts, considering the fact that Dr. Thierry Vrain focusses on Glyphosate, the weed killing chemical in Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide, rather than Gene transfer technology in GMO. Mr. Menzies appears to be either unaware of Dr. Vrain’s presentation or may be willfully attempting to sidetrack the main issue of Dr. Vrain’s talks – which is damages to health and environment brought on by Glyphosate, the molecule in RoundUp herbicide suspected to be robbing the mineral nutrients from soil and food as well as killing our micro-biome, the colony of our gut bacteria that are so vital to our well being.

Since Mr. Menzies appears to be so generous in offering his views about it, albeit sidestepping the herbicide, I thought it might be proper to bring the focus back where it was supposed to be – on Glyphosate the weed killer in our food.

Dr. Thierry Vrain

Dr. Vrain has sent a letter to the publisher. I shall copy that here for the people around the world, as Dr. Vrain’s response does throw more light on the issue. Here is what he said :

Dear Sir,

Mr Ted Menzies, President of Crop Life Canada, has not been made aware of the Food Safety and Sustainable Agriculture Forum that took place last month in Beijing.    Over 300 scientists from China, the USA, the UK, Russia, France, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and Peru, met to review and discuss scientific studies of engineered crops and food.  These were not anti GMO activists and conspiracy theorists with an agenda, they were biologists and biotechnologists, and medical doctors and veterinarians,  and there were also farmers, and social and food safety activists,  and representatives of NGOs.   The broad consensus was that the RoundUp Ready technology that was invented to boost the sales of the herbicide RoundUp is not sustainable because of the chronic toxicity of the herbicide.  The technology has been very successful and revolutionized agriculture since 1996, particularly in North America and a few countries of South America, but it is deeply flawed.  This chemical is now spread (and sprayed) all over the food supply in North America and a few other countries, it has become as common as a food additive.  It is also in the air, the rain, the water and of course it bio-accumulates in our body organs.  There is a large body of science showing severe chronic toxicity in animals and pointing the finger at many of the degenerative and inflammatory diseases that we have seen become epidemic since RoundUp has been sprayed on RoundUp Ready crops.  Many countries including political allies of the USA (64 at the last count) have now legislated some form of regulation of engineered crops and foods, or banned them altogether.

The fact that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada personnel seem to have caved in to political pressure or lobbying to keep ignoring the latest science is not reassuring at all.   Studies from the US Department of Agriculture show that engineered grains are depleted of metal micronutrients.  Just like they would if they contained residues of a powerful and broad spectrum chelating agent that binds the missing minerals.   Studies from many countries show that glyphosate is also antibiotic (at one part per million, as cited on the 2010 US patent).  Does this mean that people are fed low level antibiotics like industrial chickens and cattle?  Business as usual is not acceptable anymore, this was the strong message from the Forum that took place in Beijing last month. 

Cui bono ?  Mr Ted Menzies finds it disconcerting that I am not getting paid and still consider it my civic duty to protect the health and safety of Canadians and raise the alarm.  Who is this technology good for if it depletes the food of essential mineral nutrients and threatens our health?  

 Dr. Thierry Vrain

And then here is what I wrote to the editor of the same paper, today, August 5th 2015:

Dated: August 5, 2014

Dear sir,

As a concerned citizen, I write to you drawing attention to apparent misinformation posted by Mr. Ted Menzies, President of Croplife, in his letter as published in your paper recently.

Dr. Thierry Vrain speaks primarily about Glyphosate, the active ingredient contained in Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide, and not GMO or gene transfer technology. Mr. Menzies sidesteps the main presentation about the effects of RoundUp herbicide in our food and environment, and attempts to falsely drag Dr. Vrain into a debate on if GMO is good or bad. Is that not falsification of facts?

I would encourage Mr. Menzies to provide peer reviewed science papers that actually prove that presence pesticides in general, or Glyphosate in particular in our food, is good for our health.

I would further like Mr. Menzies to either provide proof that Glyphosate is not an antibiotic although it is patented by Monsanto to be such, or that glyphosate does not damage the micro-biome in our gut in spite of being an anti-biotic.

I would be delighted if Mr. Menzies can further provide data where Canadian citizens can have their blood, urine, and food tested for presence of Glyphosate, to check if levels of this poison has crossed minimum safety limits imposed by USA, by Europe, and other countries. I would also encourage Mr. Menzies to furnish data on what safety limits the Canadian Government might have set on presence of Glyphosate in our food, and if Croplife, or Health Canada or anybody has conducted thorough testing of Canadian food for presence of Glyphosate and if so, where those results are available.

Lastly, I would recommend that Mr. Menzies to actually attend one of Dr. Vrains talks and tries to absorb the content of his presentation, and then write his views on it.

Tony Mitra
(address, phone # & email)

Eric Rempel with Tony Mitra

I was happy to note that Dr. Vrain’s letter was published by the paper, along with another letter from Mr. Eric Rempel, who I had the pleasure of meeting in Manitoba, and who is perhaps planning to stand for election in the local Municipal Council, and do in his neighbourhood what Harold Steves did for Richmond. Below is the copy of his letter to the editor.

I wrote a follow up note to the editor, not necessarily wanting them to publish my comments, but rather, advising them of this blog and its readership, and inviting the editor or other staff to consider posting their own view on this blog, about mainstream media, social media, citizen journalism and alternative media in this new age of internet that has essentially placed the printed newspapers in an almost existential crisis. Add to it the fact that many of the large news-media conglomerates are, by definition, under control of a shrinking body of media corporations that exert a disproportionate amount of influence on what is published and what is not. In the process, free press as we understood it two generations ago are fast becoming a thing of the past.

So here is what I wrote to the editor.

To: The Editor, Mr. Grant Burr
The Carillon,

377 Main Street
Steinbach, Manitoba R5G 1A5
Phone: 204-326-3421 

Dear Mr. Burr,

cc: Dr. Thierry Vrain, Eric Rempel

Subject: Glyphosate, GMO, and the letter to editor by Mr. Ted Menzies, president of Crop Life, Canada.

This is a follow up of my previous email to you dated 5th of August, 2014 on the subject.

I am a citizen journalist, writer, blogger (, podcaster, videographer and food security activist, and have covered this issue on my blog at I accompanied Dr. Thierry Vrain on the cross Canada GMO talk tour, speaking after Dr. Vrain, on citizen action issue on Glyphosate Testing, and on grassroots level political activism to counter an unholy alliance between foreign biotech corporations and our political system in Canada.

The blog itself is reasonably popular on a global scale, getting between 1,500 to 2,000 hits a day, mainly from North America, but also from clusters in Western Europe, Asia and elsewhere, and is being picked up even in remote and unlikely locations such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Pago Pago island, Turkey, Peru, Hawaii and Guyana . The most recent statistics (past 48 hours) from the server in a visual map is included below for your record.

I was happy to note that you have included at least two of the letters sent to you presenting an opposing view to Mr. Ten Menzies’ note, since Mr. Menzies clearly has a conflict of interest, since he is the president of Crop Life, and since Crop Life benefits from sale of both GM crop seed as well as RoundUp herbicide.

From Dr. Vrain’s point of view, largely supported by an increasing number of citizens, scientists, organic farmers, naturopaths and food security activists, it is the pesticide in general and Glyphosate in particular, that is the 900 pound gorilla at our dinner table and more clearly identifiable as the toxic element in our environment and food.

It is perhaps for this reason, that the industry would prefer to sidestep any debate on Glyphosate (the poison in RoundUp herbicide, the most used poison in the world today) in our food and in our body, and try to shackle the debate on the narrow topic of GMO and gene transfer.

I send this note to you for your information, not necessarily requesting you to post this comment in your paper, but rather, to encourage you or your staff to read up on the blog, and perhaps offer your own comments, which I shall be happy to append at the bottom of the blog, should I receive any.

I do not have Mr. Ted Menzies’ email, but in case you do, you are welcome to pass him this note, in case he should wish to offer any counter argument.

This letter, like most things we citizen journalists often write, will be for public consumption, and therefore may be included at the bottom of the same blog, and also freely circulated through internet, etc.

I am copying this note to Dr. Thierry Vrain and Mr. Eric Rempel, whose letter you were gracious enough to print.

This is for your information. Congratulating you for maintaining a balanced view on the topic, and airing both sides of the argument.

Wishing you and your paper a prosperous future.

Tony Mitra

PS – I have a habit of not proof reading my letters, so please excuse any typo.

I would also invite the editor of the newspaper, The Carillon, to offer his comments if he so wishes, on this blog. I do not have the contact details of Mr. Ted Menzies, president of Crop Life Canada. In case any of the readers has his contacts, you are welcome to invite Mr. Menzies for his comments as well.

In case anyone is interested to write a letter to the newspaper, The Carillon, which presumably covers South-eastern Manitoba, their contacts as displayed on their web site is:
Editor : Mr. Grant Burr
The Carillon, 377 Main Street, Steinbach, Manitoba R5G 1A5Phone: 204-326-3421Fax: 204-326-4860

To better present what Dr. Thierry Vrain talks about, we should shortly have a copy of his presentation video on the internet for the general public to see.

Tony Mitra at University of Regina

We had an event at the auditorium attached to the education centre of the University of Regina.

I spoke for about 21 minutes. Here is a recording of my talk there. Points covered:

  • Cartagena Protocol on preservation of biological diversity, how 160 odd countries have signed and ratified it but Canada did not. How India did ratify it and using it to protect its flora and fauna from theft and biopiracy by corporations that wish to steal the genome of indigenous varieties to create patented life forms as GMO.
  • Comment from Scientist Don Huber, on Glyphosate
  • Comment from Scientist Stephanie Seneff on Glyphosate and autism.
  • Glyphosate Testing – how Canada does not have a lab to test glyphosate poisoning of humans and food.
  • Our effort to get an US lab to offer low cost testing for Canadians on a social cause.
  • How grassroots groups cropped up in Canadian towns to organize batch processing of human body fluid samples as well as food.
  • How Americans and even scientists came forward to use this price breakthrough.
  • Pressure was exerted to stop this service before it could get off the ground. The US lab regrettably stopped offering this service without testing a single sample.
  • How we are looking to create a citizen’s lab in USA and Canada that does not depend on Govt or industry and therefore cannot to shut down.
  • Political corruption in Canada.
  • Municipal Governments, the lowest level of elected Government, is more approachable by the people, than higher levels at provincial or federal government.
  • How Harold Steve of Richmond, BC, got his town to pass resolution to be GMO free.
  • How two dozen other towns in BC follows suit. How the union of BC municipalities passed a province wide resolution to be GMO free.
  • How other towns and provinces are trying to follow suit outside of BC.
  • How people of Regina can also start making a change from the bottom up.
  • How some councillors get elected with only five votes. This is because Canadians do not vote and do not get engaged at the Municipal level, which is something we aught to, so our rights are not taken away by unscrupulous politicians that work for the interest of corporations rather than the people they represent.

I shall be happy to hear your views on it.
Tony Mitra

Glyphosate Testing – Packaging for shipment

Creative Diagnostics of New York, has abruptly terminated the low cost testing service for Glyphosate in human body fluids and food.

This has resulted in disappointment on one side, and determination on the other, to continue search for a suitable lab that will provide low cost service for the people, at a pounce point that is within reach of average Canadians and Americans. This effort, including possibility of setting up a few “citizen’s labs” are on the drawing board. It is not certain when such labs may be available for the masses. We hope it will be sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, here is an option still available to the people – albeit for a hundred USD per test, which might or might not include shipping charges.

Microbe Inotech Laboratories11754 Westline Industrial Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146, USA, (800) 688-9144
Breast milk (10+ samples) – $115/sample, minimum of 2mL
Water/urine (10+ samples) – $100/sample, minimum of 10mL
If you are able to obtain your own sampling containers (polypropylene bottles/vials), then there will be no additional charge. All samples should be shipped in suitable packaging to prevent the samples from being crushed in transit. In addition, the samples should be ‘cold-packed’ and/or frozen and shipping be expedited (1-2 day) if possible. Please let me know if you have any other questions. We look forward to working with you. Thanks.
Ben Winkler 
Research Laboratory Manager 
Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc. 
(314) 645-2177 x104 

Although the quotation of a hundred dollars should be valid for water and urine for a minimum order of 10 samples, he is willing to forego that for now, since Canadians need to test the waters first, especially if there is any glitch in the shipping of Human Specimens for lab test across the border, with the US Customs.

I have decided to try this out by sending my own urine etc for testing, via Fedex, and see what happens. There are some regulations to be followed, in order to ensure the shipment reaches the lab without getting stuck at customs. Correct packaging and labelling seems to be the key.

This blog post is made specifically to help with the people, in arranging their own shipment of specimens, to Microbe Inotech or any other lab in the US or other countries.

I have borrowed from the Fedex document called “Packaging Guideline for Clinical Samples

It says:

Requirements for Clinical Samples

This guide outlines the requirements for shipping with FedEx Express. In addition, all shipments must comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws governing packing, marking and labeling. Blood, urine, fluids, and other specimens containing or suspected of containing infectious substances must be shipped according to applicable government, International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations.

For the purposes of this guide, clinical samples are generally defined as non-infectious human or animal materials including, but not limited to, excreta, secreta, tissue and tissue fluids, blood and FDA-approved pharmaceuticals that are blood products.

General Packaging Requirements

For liquid clinical samples, you must include four layers of packaging:

  1. Primary watertight inner receptacle. Use watertight containers for liquid specimens with:
    1. positive closure such as a screw-on, snap-on or push-on lid, taped for an additional seal. If you place multiple fragile primary receptacles in
    2. single secondary receptacle, they must be individually wrapped or separated to prevent contact between them.
  2. Absorbent material. Place absorbent material between the primary and secondary receptacles, using enough material to absorb the entire contents of all primary receptacles. Acceptable absorbent materials include cellulose wadding, cotton balls, super-absorbent packets and paper towels.
  3. Secondary watertight inner receptacle. Use a watertight sealed plastic bag, plastic canister or screw-cap can.
  4. Sturdy outer packaging. Use rigid outer packaging constructed of corrugated fiberboard, wood, metal or plastic, appropriately sized for the contents. Chipboard or paperboard boxes are unacceptable outer packaging.

Black plastic box as sturdy outer packaging

Tube Rack – if many sample tubes are to be shipped together

Sample 10 mL tubes

Labels that need to go on the box, for human or cow body fluids

Additional Packaging Requirements for Non-Infectious Clinical Samples

To ensure safe delivery of your clinical sample shipments, we provide these additional guidelines.

Liquid Clinical Sample Marking Requirements

Include a marking on the package that properly identifies the shipment as “Exempt Human Specimen” or “Exempt Animal Specimen” as appropriate to comply with current IATA and ICAO regulations. If you prefer, package markings may be in the form of a label.

Dried Samples

While non-infectious samples of dried blood, tissue, saliva and hair are not dangerous goods and are not required to meet dangerous goods regulations, they do require special packaging that meets FedEx Express guidelines. Enclose dried-blood samples on absorbent pads or cards in water- tight plastic bags and ship them inside a Tyvek® or flexible plastic envelope, padded envelope, paperboard envelope or paper mailer measuring 6″ x 8″ or larger. Cushion samples on glass or plastic slides and ship them inside a sturdy outer container.

Clinical Specimen Pack front

Fedex Clinical Pack, back

Redesigned FedEx® Clinical Pak

For your convenience, we offer the FedEx Clinical Pak as an overwrap for exempt clinical-sample shipments. We recommend the FedEx Clinical Pak for use when the sturdy outer packaging of your properly packaged shipment is smaller than 7″ x 4″ x 2″ (minimum acceptable size).

To help ensure the timely delivery of your shipment and the safety of shipments exposed to yours, the FedEx Clinical Pak has been redesigned. With this redesigned overwrap, your FedEx Clinical Pak shipments stand apart from other shipments. Replace any old packaging you may have with this redesigned packaging. Since the previous FedEx Clinical Paks were made of plastics with a resin identification code of “7,” you should contact your local municipality to determine the best way to recycle any unused packaging.

The FedEx Clinical Pak can only be used to ship clinical samples. If you need an overwrap for shipments containing Biological Substance, Category B (UN 3373) materials, use the FedEx® UN 3373 Pak and package your shipments

Packaging Restrictions

  • Foam boxes, plastic bags & paper envelopes are unacceptable outer containers.
  • The FedEx® Envelope, FedEx® Tube, FedEx® Pak, FedEx® Padded Pak, FedEx UN 3373 Pak and FedEx boxes, including FedEx brown packaging offered at FedEx shipping locations, are not acceptable as outer containers for clinical samples.
  • The FedEx Clinical Pak cannot be used to ship Biological Substance, Category B (UN 3373) shipments.
  • The FedEx Clinical Pak should not be used to ship dried samples unless the dried samples are packaged following the requirements for liquid samples.
  • Shipments marked or labeled 6.2(infectious materials) and shipments containing dry ice cannot be shipped in a FedEx Clinical Pak.
  • If you have questions about whether your shipments require a biohazard label, consult the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for the applicable regulations.

NOTE: Never place liquid clinical samples in a FedEx Express® Drop Box. Select FedEx Office and FedEx World Service Center® locations accept FedEx Clinical Pak shipments that are not classified as Biological Substance, Category B (UN 3373). Call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 to be directed to a FedEx location equipped to handle these shipments.

FedEx Package Evaluation Services

We offer free package evaluation services, and we encourage you to submit a sample of your clinical sample packaging for evaluation.

Clinical Packaging Evaluation Request Guidelines

Follow these steps for submitting your packaging for evaluation. An active FedEx account number is required. You and your FedEx account executive should expect evaluation results via e-mail in approximately 5 to 7 business days from FedEx Packaging Services’ receipt of your packaging.

  1. Obtain a FedEx Packaging Test Application, or contact FedEx Packaging Services at or 1.800.633.7019.
  2. Complete and sign your application, referencing the name of your FedEx account executive on the form.
  3. Prepare a sample package including all the components in the exact configuration you intend to ship. Do not include any specimen(s). Indicate “Non-Hazardous Content” on the samples and on the sample outer box.
  4. Place your completed application, any pertinent product documentation and your sample clinical package labeled “Evaluate This Package” along with any necessary cushioning material in a sturdy outer container marked “Overpacked/Clinical Sample Inside.”
  5. Send your shipment to the address indicated on the FedEx Packaging Test Application.

Contacts and Resources

How to Pack guidelines at

1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339; press “81” or say “dangerous goods.”


FedEx Express will refuse to accept packages that do not meet FedEx Express, government, or IATA and ICAO requirements. This brochure is in no way intended to replace requirements mandated by 49CFR and IATA. This is for informational purposes only.

Cost of shipment

The best we can guess, priority Export cost to St. Louis, Missouri for a package weighing up to 1 Lb is between $65.00 to $66.00, according to above Export Rates, page 35 dated 1st Jan 2014. If this is true, it raises the cost of shipment substantially, and it may be worthwhile to combine a few samples together, to bring average cost down.

We are planning to use bulk packaging to test urine from homeless and poor people from one location in one shot, perhaps from Vancouver or lower mainlands area. Those who are in contact with food bank services or social workers connected with the homeless and disadvantaged people, and wish to assist in this effort, please contact me.

We shall update the information as we get to know more, including setting up or locating more labs that will test Glyphosate using economical means for the public. Please stay tuned or contact me at for info.

To the leader of Green Party of Canada, Elisabeth May, about a sense of betrayal

There is apparently a motion, or a resolution, to be placed on the table for voting by the Green Party members next week. The motion is about changing the party’s policy in GMO. So far it had been against adoption of GM technology with its patented seeds, monoculture and pesticide dependent model in Canadian agriculture. But now, they are contemplating a reversal of policy and support of GM Crop and pesticides for Canadians.

This is considered so outrageous a development by many sustainable living and ecologically conscious people, and by a vast majority of the population that do not like GMO and pesticide, that it shocked the traditional Green supporters.

So, following the original wording of the proposed motion, I wrote the leader of the Green Party, Ms Elizabeth May, the following letter. The original wording of the motion is taken from their site and copied below my letter.

From: Tony Mitra
Subject: Inviting you to take part in the nationwide testing of Glyphosate poisoning
Date: June 26, 2014 at 9:57:58 PM PDT
To: Elizabeth May

WHEREAS  the Government of Canada has never conducted nor ordered any independent study on long term effects of Genetically Engineered crop and its associated pesticides on the environment, on Canada’s biological diversity and on people;

WHEREAS  the Government of Canada has never even set up or encouraged any lab in the country to test for presence of Glyphosate (the main poison in Monsanto’s RoundUp week killer) in human body fluids or human food;

WHEREAS  the Government of Canada only accepts toxicological study of industrial toxins from the promoters of the product, which is a case of conflict of interest;

WHEREAS  the Government of Canada fires Health Canada scientists should they find bio-engineered products of foreign corporations to be lacking in sufficient evidence of being safe;

WHEREAS  Health Canada and Environment Canada keeps mentioning working with EPA of the US to assess safety of agricultural products such as RoundUp ready crop and their associated pesticides, where EPA itself does not engage in independent study of safety and bases its approval on reports submitted by the product maker;

WHEREAS  there is clear evidence of a revolving door policy between the industry and the Government in both USA and Canada, allowing unprecedented level of control and interference by a handful of corporations in driving national agriculture, forestry, environment and trade policies;

WHEREAS retired scientists from EPA have blown the whittle on how corrupt EPA is, ref “Poison Spring” by Dr. EG Vallianatos;

WHEREAS Canada signed the Cartagena protocol but never ratified it, and did not put in place international standards in preservation of our biological diversity from unintended harm from introduction of living modified organisms, while over 160 other countries did;

WHEREAS calling genetically engineered agricultural products, with associated pesticide driven model to be “green” and associated with the Green Party is considered by the people to be a joke and a betrayal;

WHEREAS there are enough evidence from independent scientists, such as Seralini, Goulson, Pusztai and many others, that GM corn and RoundUp can be very harmful for mammals, in studies conducted in Europe, and if Canada finds those studies to be doubtful, prudence and precautionary principle would demand that Canada conducts its own “independent” study on it instead of listening to the promoter of the product, and yet Canada did not conduct any truly independent safety study on GM products and pesticides;

WHEREAS it is an open secret that education is no more public funded and science is now shackled to funding from Industry, which does not like its product to be found wanting, as a result of which science is losing its objectivity and neutrality and has become biased, vindictive to differing views, and pugnacious and feared;

WHEREAS  the Government of Canada ignores all the independent safety warnings, such as extremely uncanny and strong correlation between usage of Glyphosate and rise of all kinds of chronic disease and their pathway links – through papers of Nancy Swanson, Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff;

WHEREAS overwhelming majority of the people in Canada as well as in USA do not like pesticides and GMO and will avoid it if labelled and reasonable alternatives are available:

WHEREAS promotion of this unproven and potentially dangerous GM agriculture model is likely to push Canada into a future where all the food Canadians eat will be owned by a foreign corporation and small organic farmers have to go extinct or convert to grow only GMO, and where they have no more any right to save their own seeds;

WHEREAS this model of corporate control may be dangerous for Canada’s food security and very foundation of her political and economic independence;

WHEREAS supporting GM technology flies in the face of the very concept of being “Green”;

WHEREAS a growing number of Canadians stopped believing the Government on GMO and pesticides and are engaged in direct  self driven and funded initiative to conduct a nationwide test of Glyphosate in people, their environment and food;

WHEREAS our counterparts in the US are also engaged in a coast to coast testing of Glyphosate of their body fluids and food;

THEREFORE, we request, that you too join this grassroots movement, paying for your own urine sample for measuring Glyphosate content if any, costing around $32 only for batch processing in a lab in the US, and also paying for another homeless or low income person that does not have the luxury of eating carefully selected organic food, and cannot afford even $32, to get his/her urine tested. Please write email to to join and partake in the test and encourage your other party members to do the same. Also, while you and your party is always begging the people for donations, here is a counter suggestion of donating back some of that public fund towards a crowd sourcing scheme to allow homeless and poor people to pay for their own Glyphosate test at :

Thanking you
Tony Mitra
(Address and tel #)

And now, the original wording of the motion the full text here :


This policy motion will force a rewrite of G06-p14, G06‐p34, G06‐p53, 1998 Environment, 1996 and 1998 Agriculture policies, which declare support for a complete ban on the Canadian use of genetic engineering in agriculture and pesticides, and oppose experimentation and research by Agriculture Canada.


WHEREAS national science academies of the U.S., Britain, Germany, France, China, India, Brazil, and Mexico, Third World Academy, World Health Organization, International Council for Science, European Academies Science Advisory Council, Health Canada, U.S. National Research Council, American Medical Association, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Society of Toxicology, Washington State Academy of Sciences, American Society for Cell Biology, American Society of Plant Biologists, Scientific American magazine, Science magazine, European Commission’s review of 130 studies across 25 years from 500 independent research groups, an Italian review of 1783 studies, and 600 peer-reviewed papers have concluded that genetically engineered foods are safely regulated;

WHEREAS bioengineered organisms from anthocyanin-rich purple tomatoes to vitamin A-rich golden rice have no universal biochemical traits distinct from products developed through thousands of years of traditional breeding;

WHEREAS peer-reviewed literature over a 20-year timeframe found bioengineered Bt contributing to biodiversity through decreased insecticide usage in northern China (Nature, 2012), with similar findings from a Landes Bioscience review of 155 papers (Carpenter, 2011), and a Nature Biotechnology review of 49 peer-reviewed journals surveying farmers of 12 countries, finding the greatest bioengineering benefits for developing world farmers (Carpenter, 2010);

WHEREAS dissenting papers identifying health harms in animals have methodological errors such as missing hypotheses, testing of specific products like NK603 instead of the engineering process, or retraction like with the Food and Chemical Toxicology journal to the 2012 Seralini study;


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Green Party of Canada will support Health Canada’s existing regulatory regime for genetically engineered foods and will permit bioengineering experimentation by Agriculture Canada.

Letter to Minister of Health, Canada

Letter to the Minister of Health – Govt of Canada

The Honourable Rona Ambrose, P.C., M.P.Health CanadaBrooke Claxton Building, Tunney’s PasturePostal Locator: 0906COttawa, Ontario K1A 0K9
cc: Libby Davies, MPNew Democrat Health Critic542-N Centre BlockHouse of CommonsOttawa, ON   K1A 0A6 Libby Davies, MPNew Democrat Health Critic2412 Main StreetVancouver, BC V5T 3E2
cc: Hedy Fry, MPLiberal Health CriticRoom Number 800 Justice BuildingHouse of CommonsOttawa, ON, K1A 0A6 cc: Hedy Fry, MPLiberal Health CriticDenman Place Mall, 106 – 1030 Denman StVancouver, BC, V6G 2M6
cc: Alex Atamanenko, MP337 Columbia Ave,Castlegar BC V1N 1G6

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dear Honourable Minister Ambrose

Subject: Testing body fluids including milk for presence of Glyphosate, for Canadians

We are a group of concerned citizens in a grassroots organization, Canadians for Glyphosate Testing, that wish to know the extent to which this synthetic killer chemical named Glyphosate has entered our living space, our food and our body.

Glyphosate is the active poison in Monsanto’s RoundUp weed killer and in many other brands today, and is the highest selling poisonous chemical in the planet. It is also suspected to be linked with rapid rise of many serious illnesses from autism and cancer to celiac, crown’s, infertility and others, and with possible species extinctions in the past 20 years.

People are basically fed up with inaction from our medical and political system with regard to finding out to what extent people may have been poisoned by Glyphosate. it is their right to know, so they decided to engage directly and get the tests done with their own money, bypassing the entire Government health system.

In this endeavour, we were shocked to learn that there is no lab in Canada that can even test Glyphosate in body fluids. This is being considered as evidence that the Canadian Government never considered accumulation of this weed killer in humans as a safety concern, despite doubts raised on the subject globally both by independent scientists and public. Canada apparently has never ordered any long term independent study, outside of control of the industry or politicians, to test toxicity effects on mammals due exposure to Glyphosate or its accumulation in body. Canada does not even have a lab to check presence of Glyphosate in animals and people. Labs here can apparently test for Glyphosate only in water and soil, and nothing else, that too at a relatively steep cost of $250 to 300 per test – quite out of range for ordinary Canadians.

We have thankfully found labs in the US that will use ELISA screening (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) method to test for Glyphosate in all kinds of matrices such as water, urine, soil, milk, and various kinds of food at a more reasonable cost of $100 to 150.

Further, we found that some labs may consider performing these tests in large batches, if there is public interest, thus bringing the price substantially down, within reach of average people. Thus, the people in Canada are now engaging in a nationwide Glyphosate testing initiative. Groups are forming in all regions that will collect samples and order testing in batches, collecting funds to do so. Poor & homeless people are likely more exposed to the toxin since they cannot afford to be selective on what they eat. They are also least likely to be able to afford testing their urine. So we initiated a crowd funding scheme to support them.

Testing of milk, both human breast milk from nursing mothers and cow milk has posed a problem. Although individual labs can do these tests in USA for over $100, we could not find any lab initially that could do batch processing of milk at a lower cost.

Testing milk is important. Monsanto claims that Glyphosate does not pose a problem even if ingested by mammals, because the body flushes it out through urine and feces. Based on that assumption, the limit to which the chemical can be present in the environment has been set higher. Therefore, finding it in breast milk, or even cow milk, would prove that mammals cannot flush it all out and it can accumulate, and that the limits allowed in the Environment should be lowered drastically. Glyphosate has been discovered in breast milk from nursing mothers in the US recently.

Luckily, we have obtained details of how a lab can separate the clear liquid in milk from the white fatty matter so that this clear liquid can then be tested accurately for Glyphosate, using the ELISA kit. Technical documents on this have been passed to a few inquisitive US and Canadian labs. We hope that some day, Canadian labs would be able to test human breast milk, cow milk and a whole range of other food products economically, for Canadian citizens, even if the Government or the healthcare industry will not engage in it.

The purpose of this writing is two fold. This is not to plead with the Government to consider funding this Citizen’s test. People believe that the ministry of health might only look for excuses why this test should not be done. The people have therefore decided to bypass the Government and conduct their own tests, and find out how much they have been poisoned and from what sources.

The reason we write this are to ask:

  1. If the Government might consider assisting and encouraging a few labs in Canada to expand their services to include low cost volume processing of human body fluids as well as food etc for presence of Glyphosate, so that we do not have to send money overseas and support the US lab science industry. We should be supporting our own.
  2. Why does the Government bother setting safe limits of Glyphosate in water, if it does not care if the same Glyphosate accumulates humans and animals?

Please also note, this grassroots group is transparent and open source. This letter may be circulated among members, volunteers, local organizers and the general public, through emails, social media or on the web, and may get into my own blog at –

Thanking you

On behalf of Canadians for Glyphosate Testing

Tony Mitra

Continent Wide Glyphosate Testing – calling local organizers

Dear all,

We regretfully announce that the below offer has been withdrawn by Creative Diagnostics, USA, before the first batch of samples could even be shipped. This has caused disappointment among some, but has also resulted in renewed effort to find a lab that will serve the people at a price point that is affordable for the people. More folks are now working to make this happen. We shall keep you all appraised. Meanwhile, folks still have the option of getting the same tests done through Microbe Inotech Laboratories, the details of which is covered here. July 7th, 2014.

We finally have a solution and a quotation – mass scale Glyphosate testing at affordable cost – all in USD.

A major breakthrough has been achieved in negotiation and technical preparation for processing of milk – cow milk and human breast milk – using the same ELISA kit. And now, even Soy Milk, which is strictly speaking a vegetable product – can also be tested.

This is considered important since accumulation of Glyphosate in milk would bolster the proof that the nasty molecule jumps our internal safeguards and does not fully get flushed out through urine and feces. Nursing mothers should seriously consider getting their breast milk checked, and at this price, it is almost a no brainer for those that are employed and not financially stressed. For those that do not have nursing women at home, testing for store bought milk is a good way to check if and how we might be getting our dose of poison. It is a well known fact that factory farming of dairy cows with GM corn and soy feed are usually laced with Glyphosate and that this is expected to be in the animals milk. Further, we have been advised by scientists that once it is in the cow, it will be in the milk and it cannot be filtered out through pasteurization or other follow up processes. This means, milk from those cows, sold in stores, or processed to produce butter, cheese, or added to bread or cake, are all expected to contain Glyphosate.

Those of you that are still wondering what Glyphosate is – it is the molecule that is the prime killer in Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide, and suspected by many to be linked with a series of chronic and serious illnesses as well as possible species deaths. But unfortunately for us, the Government of Canada, or the US Govt has apparently not conducted any test of its own, or ordered any independent tests free from political or the industry control, to see if this weed killer is causing any harm to the living eco-system or to human beings.

Above is the basic breakdown, for Canada. All prices are in USD and the cost is same for USA except the shipping cost, which will be $20 or so less for USA, far as I remember.

The basic explanation is in the table itself, but what it means is that:

We need local groups in each region in Canada, to organize and muster people that are willing to pay for at least 40 samples. The basic cost will be 28.50 per test or water, urine and blood. It will be 29.50 for cooking oil such as canola. And it will be 31.50 for soil, bread and corn.

For liquids, it needs to be in 2 mL botles. For solids: 5-10g/tube.

In case we stick with line item 3, i.e. water, urine and blood, the total cost should be USD 1140. The box we receive will have the white insulated container and also a cage and 40 tubes in it along with a cold pack. The cold pack needs to be put in a fridge, to cool it down and then, when samples are drawn and in the box, the cold pack needs to be inserted before it is shipped out.

We have Jenny White, Rob and Tina in Ontario that will prepare the first batches from Toronto region. I expect to have more batches from Edmonton and places in Alberta and I am hoping Craig can muster up a batch from Montreal.

Wally Martine and friends in the Tri-City region are getting together to muster local groups there. We also have Stephanie from Vancouver island that will work with others to be the first to order this service for the islanders.

We are hoping that the moms from Squamish will also get organized on this. Wishing them the best of luck. We have not yet had direct message from the Maritime Provinces. It is our hope that they too will join the nationwide effort sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Moms Across America group has taken this up for a coast to coast testing drive. Also, Catherine from Minnesota is a volunteer that works closely with us and might round up more local groups from her region. I hope more people come forward to join the tests.

Eventually we shall have a need for some web-database guy to help prepare the database that will put up the results, without personal names and ID, so the real picture emerges on how much poisoning North Americans are subjected to – thanks to Glyphosate.

More on this later. Those that are wondering what the 96T ELISA kit is all about, the picture above is only an abbreviation of the first two steps. It involves addition of standard samples, antibody solution and enzyme conjugate before washing the plate and adding of substrate/colour solutions, stopping solution and finally a calibration, or measurement, of the resultant colour. That, in a single sentence is what 96T ELISA test – which stands for Enzyme-linked Immunosorbet Assay – is all about.

Those that wish to get organized – and need flyers, can download this one.

This offer is for batches of 40 only. So anybody that is willing to muster up 40 samples from each region and collect the funds for this, and is ready to place order – please send email to either me, or to Glyphosate Testing Canadian or US team or check with Zen Hunneycutt of Moms Across America.

Exchanges with Dairyland

(To Satupo, parent company behind the Dairyland milk products)

July 16, 2014

Dear Ms Elke,

Thank you for your response today July 16th, to my message dated June 20th.

I have the following for your record:

  1. My question was not if your milk product satisfied existing standards, but more specifically, if you would like to join us in testing your milk for presence of Glyphosate. By your below answer, your firm appears to be unwilling join us in this test. In such a case we shall proceed to test it ourselves.
  2. Your message seems to imply that you expect Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Health Canada to enforce science based standards such as  Glyphosate in food. But you did not clarify who enforces it, and what the standards with regard to Glyphosate in milk might be. Appreciate if you can advise us what limit is set for Glyphosate in milk, who is doing the testing, and what the results are.
  3. We believe no one has ever tested any milk in Canada for Glyphosate, because we cannot find a single lab in this country that is prepared, or set up, to test Glyphosate in milk, or in fact any other food. I would request you to name us a single lab inside Canada that you know will test milk for Glyphosate. We are consequently sending your milk samples to USA for testing.
  4. We have no desire to speak with Canadian Dairy Farmers, whose contact you did not include, nor did you copy us in when you sent our email to them. We believe it should be your responsibility to check if Dairyland milk products contain the largest selling week killer in the planet as a response from our query, irrespective of what Health Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency or Canadian  Dairy Farmers think about it. Since cost of a mere couple of hundred dollars for each test should not break your bank, we had expected you to readily join this exercise to prove that your milk is clean, or learn if there is a cause for concern. However, you must have your good reason to be reluctant to test it, while falling back on existing regulations, or as in this case, a lack of it.
  5. We also note you did not respond to the comment that it is very hard for a consumer to find a contact details of a real person in your organization
  6. Further, since we are a grassroots, and we follow people’s wishes and concerns, and since people are concerned about Glyphosate and are getting engaged in testing it at their own cost, we shall be putting up your response as well as this note, as a follow up to my earlier message to you, which is already on the web, at :
  7. When we test your milk products in a certified lab in the US, we shall be disclosing the results too on the web for all to see. We hope the results would turn out clean without trace of Glyphosate. We have raised crowd funding efforts and private donations to collect funds to pay for testing urine, breast milk of nursing mothers as well as some food items, such as your milk. A lot of people have contributed, including Mr. Alex Atamanenko, Member of Parliament, House of Commons, Ottawa.

I am copying this message to Mr. Alex Atamanenko, MP, who is very keen on the topic of testing humans and food for traces of Glyphosate, which is suspected to have links with a series of diseases and who has been writing to the minister of Health in Ottawa to look into this matter.

Thanking you

With best wishes

Tony Mitra

(Address and contact)

(Dated July 16, 2014)

Dear Mr. Mitra:

Thank you for contacting Saputo regarding glyphosate in milk products.  Please accept our apology for the lengthy delay in responding to your e-mail.

We would like to assure you that we take food safety and quality assurance very seriously and comply with all standards and regulations applicable to our operations.  In addition, we rely upon Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, respectively, to set standards for residue limits of compounds such as glyphosate in food products and to ensure that these science-based standards are applied and enforced.  We have also referred your letter to the Dairy Farmers of Canada, the national organization representing Canadian dairy farmers that ship quality milk from their farms to our company and all of the other dairy processors in the country.

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us in this regard and would suggest contacting the Dairy Farmers of Canada directly if you have any additional questions.


Consumer Relations Coordinator
Marketing Department

Saputo Dairy Products Canada G.P.
6800 Lougheed Highway
Burnaby, BC, Canada  V5A 1W2

Tel:  1-800-672-8866 / Fax:  604-588-1284


June 20, 2014,

Subject: Testing for Dairyland brand of milk sold in local stores, for presence of Glyphosate

Good day,

We, Canadians For Testing Glyphosate, a citizen’s grassroots body, are engaging in a massive citizen driven nationwide program to test if Glyphosate is present in our water and soil, in our body, and in the food sold in our stores, such as in Safeway, 7450 120th St in Surrey, BC.

In case you are wondering what Glyphosate might be – it is the active ingredient (poison that kills organisms) in Monsanto’s ‘RoundUp’ herbicide weed killer, and what is suspected to be linked to rise of a multitude of serious illnesses and deaths, and possible species extinctions in the last 20 years.
In that respect, we intend the following items that may contain Dairlyland brand of products such as:

  • Regular milk
  • Organic Milk
  • Chocolate milk
  • Strawbery milk
  • Egnog
  • Buttermilk
  • Cream
  • Lactose Free Products


Our legal team is advising that we do not really need to either inform you or take your permission to test these products, if we buy these items and draw the sample from there to send to the labs, and that we have the right, as citizens living in a free country, to test the food that we buy to eat or drink from any store that are open to public.

However, this note is sent to seek your opinion on this, and to check if you might like to join us in this test. Good quality tests involving, say the ELISA method (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) costs around $150 or so per test in an accredited lab and possibly less in batch processing in other labs.

We shall be glad if your organization decides to join us by funding some of these “independent” tests on your own products, or shares data with us about your own third party testing results. We are planning to conduct them any way, but thought it might look better if your store were perceived to be cooperating.

Please note, we are only focussing on Glyphosate for now, and we are also checking many many items that are not your products.

Also, should you have an objection to the testing, i.e. if your position is that we may drink your product and feed our family with it, but we may not test it, I shall appreciate if you shall validate that with a proper statement.

Lastly, we aim to be a transparent organization that let the public know of our involvements in this regard, so this letter, and others like it, may be circulated among members and in social media and internet, for others to either write similar letters, or compose their own.

Absence of a response may be taken as you do not feel comfortable discussing this matter with us.

Please also note, we wished to send an email to your parent corporation Saputo, but could not locate their email address. Please also note, we failed to find even your email address and the mechanism you provided to send you any suggestion or comment to be very restrictive through this on line form. Here in Canada, even the prime ministers office has an accessible email for the people.

I shall be more than happy to meet you or speak with you about our effort, and shall be looking forward to any response from you.

Thanking you
On behalf of Canadians for Testing Glyphosate
Tony Mitra

Letter to Agropur Cooperative about testing for RoundUp herbicide in their milk

We could not find an easy way to send an email to Agropur Cooperative regarding a citizen’s nationwide plan to test ourselves, our environment and our food, for presence of Glyphosate, in Monsanto’s weed killer RoundUp. In that effort we wished to include various brands of milk products, such as the Dairyland, Silk and Natrel group.

We prefer to have a name, a rank and an email address of firms that sell us food, so citizens can directly send them messages of public concern. However, there seem to be a serious effort by these firms to hide behind a wall of secrecy, and make it really hard for people to find contact details of relevant persons to write to with either a complaint or a suggestion. Agropur Cooperative was found even worse than the others, because their online complaint box allows only short messages, too short for us to send the attached email.

So, we said we wished to test their milk for Glyphosate and since we could not find an easy way to send them this letter electronically and directly, we are putting it up on the web, and sending them the link. We are still hoping that the firm will cooperate with our effort, especially if their milk is free of Glyphosate while competitors might not be.

Agropur Cooperative, Consumer Response
Subject: Testing for presence of Glyphosate in milk products
Good day,

We, Canadians For Testing Glyphosate, a citizen’s grassroots body, are planning to engage in a large scale citizen driven nationwide program to test if Glyphosate is present in our water and soil, in our body, and in the food we buy in our stores.

In case you are wondering what Glyphosate might be – it is the active ingredient (poison that kills organisms) in Monsanto’s ‘RoundUp’ herbicide weed killer, and what is suspected to be linked to rise of a multitude of illnesses, deaths, and possible species extinctions in the past 20 years.

In that respect, we are planning to be checking a few brands of milk including milk from Natrel. The range of products we might test, could include the fine filtered, lactose free, organic, flavoured, enriched and cafe versions etc.

Our legal team is advising that we do not really need to either inform you or take your permission to test these products, if we buy these items, taken them home and draw the sample from there to send to the labs, and that we have the right, as citizens living in a free country, to test the food that we buy to eat or drink from any store that are open to public.

We have identified labs, in the US, that can test for Glyphosate in milk. This test is considered vital for us. Monsanto claims that the toxin does not accumulate mammals even if ingested, and that it gets flushed out through urine. Therefore, any presence in milk would be proof that the claim may be false and that if it can accumulate in cows, it can also accumulate in humans that drink this milk. On the other hand, if some of your milk products prove to be Glyphosate free, in other words if Glyphosate was not present in the food cycle of the dairy cattle that provided the base stock, then the people can list out those products as safe to drink with regard to this pesticide.

This note is sent to seek your opinion on our plan to test your products, and to check if you might like to join us in this initiative. Good quality tests involving, say the ELISA method (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) costs around $150 or so per test in an accredited lab in the US. We shall be glad if your organization decides to join us by funding some of these “independent” tests on your own products. It might look good if your firm was perceived to be cooperating.

Please note, we are only focussing on Glyphosate for now, and we plan on a wide ranging scheme that will test many items which are not your products at all.

Should you have an objection to testing your milk products, i.e. if your position is that we may drink your milk and feed our family with it, but we may not test it, we shall appreciate if you will validate that with a proper statement.

We aim to be a transparent organization that let the public know of our involvements in this regard, so this letter, and others like it, may be circulated among members and in social media and internet, for others to either write similar letters, or compose their own.
Absence of a response may be taken as you do not feel comfortable discussing this matter with us.
Please also note, we failed to locate a proper name of a contact person with an email for your parent company in Canada. Even the prime ministers office has an accessible address and email contact for the people. We find this lack of easy access with a credible name, rank and contact email from vendors that demand such details from people writing to them through a heavily restricted on line comment section to be anti-people, poor in quality control tools and not too transparent.

We shall be more than happy to meet with you or speak on phone about our effort, and shall be looking forward to any response you might have.

Some of our friends in USA, also engaging in similar activity, might also approach you regarding products sold in American stores.

Thanking you

On behalf of Canadians for Testing Glyphosate
Tony Mitra

Letter to the BC Ministry of Environment, regarding Glyphosate testing

To: The Ministry of Environment, British Columbia, through the office of the Primier

Subject: ELISA testing for Glyphosate – an inquiry

Good day,

This letter is to ask if your office might assist a group of citizens in locating a suitable laboratory in Canada that will engage in batch processing using ELISA kits for measurement of presence of Glyphosate in various samples.

We are a large and growing group of Canadians that want to engage in self funded initiative to have a large number of samples tested for Glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp weed killer) in our water, urine, breast milk, cooking oil, processed food, raw grains etc.

We are not interested at this point of time to debate or engage in any discussion with any scientist or Politician about whether Glyphosate in food is acceptable as a health risk or not. We simply indent to find out if it is present and to what extent in which sample.

We are also not requesting for any Government funding for this project. Citizens are going to spend money out of their own pocket for this test, as they believe it is their right to know if any specific synthetic chemical that they are concerned about is in their food web or not.

This request is merely to see if your office might assist in finding a suitable laboratory in Canada.

We have been looking around for such labs and have so far failed to locate a single lab in Canada that are accredited to test Glyphosate in anything except water and soil. They mostly seem to use HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography) method which is also costly for individual citizens.

Meanwhile, we have received more favourable quotes from the US, using ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) screening method, for individual tests for around $100 to 130, and also much lower costs for batch processing using ELISA kits, at almost half the cost. There are yet more labs that are not accredited to test Glyphosate yet, but are able to provide the service, presumably with comparable accuracy, at even a fourth of the cost. We are investigating these sources. A large number of concerned Americans too are joining us in the same quest.

There are courier charges involved in shipping to the US, along with possible customs formalities, which we are looking into.

Meanwhile, if indeed Canada has no labs that can test for Glyphosate in body fluids, in our food and drinks, using ELISA batch processing as a public service where people can pay for these tests themselves, at their cost, then can we request your good Government to consider setting such a lab up in BC ? That way we do not have to send money and samples across the border to help science lab industry in the US, and can support our own institutions instead.

We hope your office would be interested in looking into this.

I shall be happy to speak with you on phone, should you have more questions.

Thanking you

On behalf of Canadians for Glyphosate Testing

Tony Mitra.


Meanwhile, a crowd sourcing program started to raise $6,000 to get the homeless and low income group, suspected to be most affected by Glyphosate in their body through junk food, charity food and food bank supplements. If you can, please consider donating $5,10 or whatever you can spare.