Pay any price – a book worth reading

Reading the prologue section of the book by James Risen, to influence listeners to consider buying this book and reading it through and through.

This book, written by James Risen, an investigative journalist of a type that is today an endangered species, shows how the “war on terror” apparatus put in place by George Bush, has been expanded, bolstered, enriched, and made permanent by the Obama administration – making sure that USA will be perpetually in a state of war with imagined “terror”, and how this has been fine tuned now, including spying on its own citizens and extraordinary powers to put away anybody anywhere without proper legal courses, as a national geopolitical doctrine that covers the entire planet, and how this “state of war” has become so profitable to so many people around Washington, that there is no real incentive for ending it.

The journalist James Risen almost faced jail when the Obama administration wanted him to testify in court to reveal the sources that gave him the information of administrations controversial doings, which the author refused to divulge. It is a miracle that he is still outside jail, though the Obama administration has tried hard, and is perhaps still trying, to find a way to put him behind bars.

Why do I read the prologue for twenty minutes, in my strange “Indian” accent?

In order to influence other questioning minds to go buy or borrow this book and read it, instead of gobbling the snippets of propaganda that is doled out through the stupid TV channels. There is a real world that is being affected by what is happening in Washington, and the people need to wake up.

There is another reason. Obama is going to go in a few months. But Hillary Clinton is likely to expand the state of war much more than even Obama did, if she can reach the White House.

As the saying goes – be afraid – be very afraid. But whatever else you do, try to read some good books, including this one.

Thats why I am doing it.

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A blind and arrogant India

My puja greetings

India ranks 97th, near the bottom, of the 118 nation index of hunger. Indians do far worse than neighbours Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Iran, Iraq, China, or even Ghana, Senegal, Malawi, Congo, Uganda etc.

But we can take pride that India is less hungry than Pakistan, and a very short list of unfortunate countries like Haiti, Zambia and Central African Republic etc.

When thinking this item through, I can identify as the root cause of this to be no other than the voting and upwardly mobile middle class of India – people like you and me.

In the age of virtual world and instant messaging and electronic media and TV channels by the dozens, I see no mention anywhere of the fact that half of India’s population cannot get a healthy meal a day, that nearly half of all children of India are malnourished, or that India, despite all the hoopla about progress, is among the poorest countries when it comes to basic minimum food requirement and access to health care.

For the educated people of India, the other half dose not exist. It is not in their TV, nor in their incessant messaging on whatsapp, Facebook, pinterest, instagram or whatever other platform a huge number of folks are spending millions of collective hours every day to catch up with each other. The endless plethora of soap opera on Indian channels never cover the story of the hungry and dying India.

We are ignorant despite education, and arrogant without any justification.

So, on this so called auspicious occasion when everyone with a laptop, a smart phone or a tablet is wishing everyone else seasons greetings and শুভ বিজয়া, I would write the last paragraph of Tagore’s poem “হে মোর দুর্ভাগা দেশ ”

দেখিতে পাও না তুমি মৃত্যুদূত দাঁড়ায়েছে দ্বারে ,
অভিশাপ আঁকি দিল তোমার জাতির অহংকারে ।
সবারে না যদি ডাক ‘ ,
এখনো সরিয়া থাক ‘ ,
আপনারে বেঁধে রাখ ‘ চৌদিকে জড়ায়ে অভিমান —
মৃত্যুমাঝে হবে তবে চিতাভস্মে সবার সমান ।

Happy holidays – ignorant and arrogant Indian middle class.

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Beware of GM Mustard, and glufosinate tolerant GM crops

Glufosinate is as dangerous as glyphosate for our biology – not just because of its toxicity, or because of whatever else they put into the herbicide package, but also because glufosinate, like glyphosate, is an analog of (mimic of) one of the canonical twenty amino acids that are the basic building blocks of all life, from bacteria onwards to humans. Glufosinate is an analog of glutamic acid, while glyphosate is analog of glycine. Both Glycine and glutamic acids are two out of twenty amino acids that all life is made of.

And, our immune system is unable to distinguish between glufosinate and glutamic acid. Therefore, if it (glufosinate) is in our food, which it will be if the herbicide is used in agriculture, then it gets into our blood, and apart from whatever else trouble it, and its associate chemicals packaged into the herbicide brand, can cause through direct toxicity, glufosinate will also cross our blood-brain barrier, like a Trojan horse, or a spy, simply because it mimics glutamic acid which we are programmed to use and allow in. Then it proceeds to contaminate a whole swatch of our biology because it is picked up, in place of glutamic acid, to create many byproducts into our biology including thousands of kinds of proteins that were originally supposed to have glutamic acid. These proteins with glufosinate, instead of glutamic acid or its byproduct glutamine, will mis-fold, mis behave or render the protein dysfunctional – a trigger to all kinds of health hazards and illness.

Scientist Anthony Samsel of Deerfield, New Hampshire, USA, who has been studying glyphosate and its ability to penetrate our inner biology by mimicking glycine, speaks here with me, about the similar danger glufosinate poses to all living creatures, and how countries like India should be careful not to allow registration of GM crops that are designed as tolerant to glufosinate.

The talk covers a 16 minute video.

Samsel also speaks of European Food safety Authority issuing a restriction in use of glufosinate. The actual document can be read or downloaded by clicking here.

This is important information for those nations where glufosinate based herbicides are used in nature or in agriculture, and where glufosinate tolerant food crops are in the pipeline, such as the case of GM-Mustard (DMH 11) for India.

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Monsanto Tribunal missing the bus?

There is a Monsanto Tribunal in The Hague in mid October, where world’s notable Monsanto haters are tentatively expected to be present.


It looks like a grand event. The concept is novel. A group of international judges will sit and hear presentations from a number of International notables, about the crimes of Monsanto. The judges will then pass judgment, even if it is symbolic. At the end of the two day affair, the international participants are supposed to get a sort of legal expertise and guideline on how Monsanto might be legally challenged in different countries, and prevented from further damaging the planet.

The participants are who is who in the global list of folks that one way or another have resisted either Monsanto directly, or the biotech industry, and are sort of well known in the field. Names such as Seralini or Kruger from Europe, Vandana Shiva from India, Shiv Chopra & Percy Schmeiser from Canada, Steve Marsh from Australia, Don Huber & Stephanie Seneff from the US are in the provisional agenda, and are expected to present their evidence to the judges, on Monsanto’s wrongdoings. Even a few ambassadors are to be in attendance.

While I wish this endeavour all success, I could not help notice that the whole thingamajig  essentially misses the bus.

Monsanto has been used as a convenient punching bag by all sorts of organizations and people, without much success. To me, targeting Monsanto is what the Biotech Industry would like us to do. Why ? Because such an effort will always be little more than symbolic. Further court cases against Monsanto will only enrich a few legal pockets. Why? Because Monsanto does not necessarily break the law, but rather influences Governments to bend the rules to favour the corporation. In fact, the only legal cases that have sort of succeeded, and thus provided some jurisprudence in the GM technology issue have been against Governments and not against Monsanto.

Monsanto is just a corporation and most Corporations will do whatever it can, to make a profit, irrespective of the human or environmental Cost. In that, it is not very different from the Pharma industry that wishes to push unnecessary vaccines down your throat, or corporations like Nestle that might wish to grab pubic water, oil giants wanting to steal someones fossil fuel reserve, or the military industrial complex pushing armaments across the world and promoting continuous warfare.

The real culprit and the root of all these evils, including that of Monsanto, is political corruption in Government. It might start with Obama downwards in the US, Trudeau down in Canada, and so on. It is our Governments that are suspected of working against the interest of the people, and passing laws that allow free reign to corporations including Monsanto.

Therefore, without any mention at all of Government level political corruption, this entire Tribunal, to me, is a waste of time, and an effort to keep the public barking up the wrong tree.

When a the problem is rooted in political corruption and an onset of fascism, it can only be solved by grabbing this rotten political bull by the horn. It is my belief that ecocide will not be stopped by lawyers targeting Monsanto. It will, if at all, be done by the people going after corrupt Governments.

I wish the wise people attending this tribunal will ponder on that, and perhaps let the attendees know that a mock tribunal is, after all, only a mock one. As long as it keeps targeting Monsanto, and keeps focus away from corrupt politicians and irresponsible Governments – nothing will change, and this tribunal itself will be little more than a pompous circus and an attempt to misguide the people. And misguided is exactly what corrupt politicians, Governments, Monsanto and the biotech lobby would like people to be.
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9-11 and people’s rights vs politician’s rights

Here are a few questions that come up in my mind.
The bill is to allow victims of the 9-11 attack to sue Saudi Arabian Government over claims it might have aided or financed the terrorism attacks.

Such a bill, passed through Senate, has been vetoed by President Obama. Now the bill has gone back to the House and the Senate. The Senate has voted to override the President’s objection.
I believe it will also be taken up in the House, for a similar override.

What puzzles me are a few issue:

1) President Obama reportedly vetoed the bill because, it is reported, that he is concerned that allowing such lawsuits would open the door to legal challenges against American officials in other countries. What I don’t get is – if the victims have justifiable claims (to be investigated by an US court) of someone greatly harming US citizens, that effort is being squashed so that foreign courts cannot also pursue possible great harm being done to non-US citizens by US politicians or officials ? Are protecting American politicians from possible collusion in mass murder so important that US citizen’s own protection can be overridden ?

2) The Senate vote was very lopsided and bipartisan, with 97 persons out of 100 voting to override the President. Out of the remaining three, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid cast the only “No” Vote. Two others abstained – Sens. Tim Kaine, D-Va., and Bernie Sanders, D-Vt.

Harry Reid

My view on this is, Harry Reid’s vote perhaps shows the position of the Democratic Party, i.e. they will protect US politician’s rights to cause mayhem abroad, over US citizen’s rights to protection of their life in USA.

Tim Kaine

But the two that perhaps cleverly avoided voting and taking sides on the issue, and sat on the fence are very telling. The first is Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine. The other is Bernie Sanders, the so called great champion of the downtrodden voters that was beaten, perhaps unfairly and corruptly, by Hillary Clinton, and who is now wholly supportive of Clinton for the current presidential election.

Bernie Sanders

My question to both would be – why did you abstain? Why are you scared to show where you stand? Are you, by simply not voting, not disclosing that you too, are supportive of the the system that puts US politicians above the law, even at the expense of the common man, but would not like people to recognize you as a betrayer of the people?

I hope the Senate and the House will override President Obama as many times as the law calls for, till the people get the right to sue Saudi Arabia. This is not about Saudi Arabia. If they were not guilty then the court will declare them innocent and absolve them from responsibility or penalty.

This is about people’s rights over politician’s rights. This is about questions on if USA has a democracy by the people, or a dictatorship in disguise.

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Vaccine-glyphosate link exposed by Anthony Samsel

Scientists Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff have just gotten the fifth peer reviewed paper on Glyphosate published. Its named “Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases V: Amino acid analogue of glycine in diverse proteins”. The interview on that has been covered in the previous blog.

The latest bombshell to come from Anthony Samsel is from the sixth paper, which is not yet published, but whose supporting data is already making waves – various popular vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate.

How? Well, vaccine makers sometimes use animal byproducts in vaccines, products such as chicken egg protein or gelatine that comes from bones. And if those vaccine makers are using animals that come out of factory farms, chances are they are fed GMO and glyphosate laced feed. If so, they would pick up Glyphosate into their system just as we humans do. Therefore, egg protein and gelatine made from these animals may also contain glyphosate, which in turn would then contaminate the vaccines that use these products. Finally, people, or animals, vaccinated with these products would have glyphosate directly injected into them, and will in due course have glyphosate initiating a cascade of diseases.

Anthony Samsel was not passing opinion on this. Rather, he collected vast samples of these popular vaccines and got them tested by multiple labs in USA for presence of Glyphosate, and found, as he suspected, the vaccines to be largely contaminated by it.

This 5 minute video covers only that part of the talk.

He has already alerted his Senator, as well as various Government and international organizations such as CDC, FDA and WHO.

What is the situation with Canada? It depends on where the vaccine makers have their plants. I don’t know if they have many in Canada. But the issue remains the same. Vaccine manufacturers might be using animals from factory farms, and may never have considered the issue of glyphosate contamination.

For Canada, the most important task would be to take samples of all vaccines and have them tested for presence of glyphosate.

For Canadians, it should trigger a grassroots movement demanding postponing all mass vaccination till we have the issue sorted and till we have forced the vaccine makers to use animals fed organically and tested to be glyphosate free.

I intend to use the content of Anthony Samsel’s letters, add my bit on Canada, as well as video such as this one, to alert our Canadian counterparts.

I request all readers of the blog to share it, and also consider writing to your local representative in the Government, or to the medical establishment, to consider taking a serious second look at this new information of glyphosate poisoning of some of the popular vaccines. The idea is not to ban vaccines per se, but to force the producers to use animals that are not fed GMO and glyphosate laced feed to start with, and to clean up their vaccines. Vaccines are meant to protect people, not poison them or make them sick.

Sample letter sent by Anthony Samsel

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

page 5


Links to Anthony Samsel’s five peer reviewed papers can be found at ResearchGate, by typing in his name and browsing through his publications. Alternately, they can also be downloaded from here:


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The link between Glyphosate & our RNA

Scientists Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff have just gotten the fifth peer reviewed paper on Glyphosate published. Its named “Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases V: Amino acid analogue of glycine in diverse proteins”.

In this regard Tony Mitra interviewed Anthony Samsel, to cover the newly emerging scientific findings on Glyphosate and how it can and does hurt creatures including humans.

Pari I: Click the below mage of the tractor to watch the video

This is a 28 minute video.

Pari II: Click the below mage of the tractor to watch the video

This part covers 38 minutes, of which the last five minutes covers the issue of many popular vaccines being contaminated by glyphosate, and the resultant effort to alert national and international institutions of this new found danger.

Samsel stands out at being the very first among all scientists, to draw our attention to the fact that Glyphosate is a different kind of killer chemical and pure toxicological test does not do it justice. The chemical does not have high acute toxicity, and therefore has been approved by EPA. However, it has this unique property of being an analog of (mimic of) glycine, an amino acid that is part of a building block of all life. Therefore, when an organism such as a human, needs to create cells or other structures to replenish dead or damaged ones, it picks up some of the amino acids from our food, which circulates in our blood stream. Due to Glyphosate being an analog of Glycine, it is mistakenly picked up by our body, assuming it to be glycine, and thus our RNA takes it and reconstructs complex structures/peptoid that to go into various parts of our body as proteins we need. Unfortunately, Glyphsoate does not behave like Glycine and ends up creating trunkated, misfolded or defective proteins, which in turn triggers illnesses of diseases of a vast variety, depending on where in our body it happens to be.

This behavior of Glyphosate was not known, and therefore not recognized by either Monsanto or EPA or other scientists, and hence it has been ignored for decades. But not any more.

Samsel has gotten hold of tens of thousands of pages of hitherto sealed safety tests done on Glyphosate by makers such as Monsanto and DuPont through a legal understanding with EPA, and has been revisiting the test data and finds evidence of his claims, which forms the basis of his papers.

He has has one serious meeting with EPA already, sort of educating them of how this amino acid analog of glycine can enter our body where it should not, and harm living creatures, bypassing our immune system, and how the safety test results provide the proof of it, if one looks at the right place.

EPA has recently started calling GLyphosate an amino acid, instead of just a herbicide, which is a major improvement.

They are scheduled to have a serious four day internal meeting in the next few months, to discuss this issue. It is possible that they will allow Anthony Samsel to participate in that meeting, perhaps electronically from long distance, to answer questions or clarify any confusion etc.

Meanwhile, if you google “Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases” you should find increasing mention/links of these studies and papers published on some of the social media such as from Dr. Mercola etc.

Regarding the glyphosate contaminated vaccines, a series of letters have been sent to Senator, CDC, FDA and other health organizations as well as WHO. I myself aim to send letters to Canadian Government and medical institutions shortly.

Scientists such as Seralini has found the toxicity of the combined package of RoundUp herbicide to be more toxic than just Glyphosate. His supporters would like the focus to remain there, and not be side tracked by new findings where Glyphosate alone can do serious harm to living creatures by being absorbed into our biology in place of Glycine. The fact that Glyphosate needs to be assessed by a yardstick other than toxicology, is something that has not sunken in for the approving authorities, the Government, or the scientific diaspora yet.

Competition and jealousy also clouds up science research.


Links to Anthony Samsel’s five peer reviewed papers can be found at ResearchGate, by typing in his name and browsing through his publications. Alternately, they can also be downloaded from here:

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Kickstarting a grassroots movement on testing our food

This is a movement in need and in waiting.
This was not possible a year or two ago, cause we did not have enough labs, but is possible today.Here is something this movement is NOT about:
Its NOT about debating if glyphosate is safe or unsafe to be in our food.
Its NOT about what the “science” might say about it.
Its NOT about passing new laws by federal or provincial Government about labelling.
Its NOT about if our farmers can or cannot do without Glyphosate.
So, what is it about ?
Its about people’s right to know if Glyphosate in in their food and how much.
Its about recognizing that labelling GMO does to give the full picture since non GMO crops are now desiccated with glyphosate and people can be more poisoned by some of these non-GMO crops than even GMO crops.
Its not about labelling – its about measuring and disclosing the contamination.
In order to kick start the movement, which should have a corresponding petition on, it would be necessary to influence people that this is supposed to be a people’s movement that needs more than arm-chair activists.
Signing petition and sharing them on Facebook is not the goal. The goal is to appeal, for each of us, to our respective municipalities, to set aside a budget and start testing food, both locally grown and/or sold in stores, for glyphosate content, using Canadian labs, and to make the results public.
Irrespective of the debate, the science and the politics around Glyphosate/ RoundUP, the people will decide if they like some of the food brands that have more glyphosate or they like other brands that have less. Its about people’s right to choose without ever having to explain to any politician or scientists why they prefer to have one kind and not the other. That is their right.
Municipalities do not have the authority to get involved in scientific debate. Their job is to fulfil people’s wish. People wish to know which brands of their bread or other food items have how much glyphosate – and the MUnicipality’s job is to provide the answer. Thats it.
In order to kick start this effort, we wish to have a short 10-15 minute video where committed grassroots activists are ready to discuss this under a camera. Once it is done, we shall make more from others around our country that have found novel ways to approach their municipalities. How some of our compatriots manage to get our largely do-nothing municipalities to get off their hind quarter and start testing food.
Anyhow, for the first brainstorming, idea-exchanging video, I am inviting like minded and committed food security activists from nearby to respond, so we can arrange a date, time and venue, to get this off the ground.
Mind – we are not looking for arm-chair activists, but real people committed to approach municipalities and stubborn enough to be at it.
Interested parties please contact. My email – my phone 604-649 7535.
Thank you

Relevant links:


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PARLIAMENT of CANADA E-Petition on Glyphosate safety

The open platform petition on to have the Government disclose hitherto hidden safety documents on Glyphosate has run full circle. It generated nearly 23,000 supporters, around 98% of them being Canadian. The petition had over thirty updates. The total volume of supporting material went well over a thousand pages.

The documents were handed over to Delta MP Carla Qualtrough, to carry it to Ottawa and hand over to Health Canada with a request to respond to the demand that the safety data on Glyphosate be made accessible to Canadians.

There has not been any further feedback, if indeed the documents were or were not handed over to Health Canada.

That silence, and absence of feedback, encouraged me to consider a second petition, this time on the House of Commons Government E-Petition platform, one that the Government presumably will not be able to stay silent on.

Creating an E-Petition on the Canadian House of Commons platform is a wholly different animal than creating one on It needed an MP as a sponsor, and five initial supporters. Luckily, Fin Donnelly , NDP,  Port Moody—Coquitlam BC, agreed to sponsor the petition.

And now the petition has been accepted, translated into bilingual by the Government, and put up on line for 120 days to collect signatures. The Petition is open for signature until November 22, 2016, at 9:40 a.m. (EDT).

Our task now would be to get as many support signatures as possible for this petition, as a start. ON a second front, I am asking folks to write to their MPs, for their support to this petition on the floor on the parliament, and to make this issue, of illegal withholding of safety data from disclosure, while approving Glyphosate to enter our food system, to be a topic of a debate and a national dialog.

Link to E-4113 Petition :

Your support will be appreciated.
Thank you.
Tony Mitra

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The road ahead on glyphosate

We have so far gone around the country, speaking about the dangers of chemical dependent agriculture, forestry and weed control in public places. We have had meetings with politicians, and joined marches against Monsanto. We have written to ministers and contacted labs about testing of Glyphosate in food.

And yet, Canada, its land, air, water, soil, flora, fauna and people are all getting systematically poisoned through introduction of batches of killer chemicals that are deemed safe by our Government, but whose safety documents are kept hidden from public scrutiny, which essentially makes the approval of these chemicals potentially illegal.

We have a petition asking Ottawa to release all hitherto hidden safety documents on Glyphosate to the people of Canada, with over 22,000 supporters. The details of this petition has been handed over to Minister Carla Qualtrough on April 27, to be hand delivered to the Minister of Health in Ottawa.

Apart from that, we have also asked Minister Qualtrough to try and arrange some public funds to start public testing local food and water in her own constituency, Delta, BC, for Glyphosate.

Jane Philpott

We have so far not achieved any measurable success. There is no response from the minister of health about disclosure of the safety documents. There is a separate access to information act application from me to the Ministry of Health asking for the same safety documents, which too are languishing, as the ministry drags its feet over the issue.

I might send her another letter, but there is no compulsion for the minister to respond to it and from the pace of follow ups, it may well be that Canadians shall not hear any feedback from the ministry, let alone disclosure of the safety documents, or a review of the approval of Glyphosate for Canadian agriculture.

As a result, I have started preparing another petition, this time not on but on the Government web site using Government’s own official template. It is addressed also to the Minister of Health (Health Canada), and asks for public disclosure of safety documents for Glyphosate.

However, there are some steps that need to be taken before such a petition can be submitted. One of them is to have a sponsor, among the current Members of Parliament. I would have asked Mr. Alex Atamanenko to be the sponsor, if he was still an MP. Unfortunately he retired from politics last year. Next, I thought of asking MP Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada. However, I have written to her in the past and never received any reply, and feel unsure of her willingness to help in this cause. I should ask my own MP first, honourable minister Carla Qualtrough, and I have done so in an email. However, I do not wish to feel her pressured in an awkward situation with her colleagues in the Government, so I do not know what her response would be.

As a result, I am kind of in the hunt, for a suitable MP that might take up this cause for Canadian people.

The draft petition

I invite readers to suggest a suitable MP. More importantly, if they personally know a good MP that could be interested to sponsor it, I encourage them to check with the MP first and let me know.

I have not done such an official petition before, so do not know if the system allows more than one sponsor, but believe it might. So, if more than one MP is willing to support this cause, I shall be very keen to contact them. I am thinking of approaching some of the other party members such as NDP and CP. Any help would be appreciated.

There is one more issue at hand – which is to try and push the movement for grassroots activism for people to get their local municipalities to set aside funds and start testing local foods and water for Glyphosate and to make the results public. I shall come to that hopefully in the next blog.

My blog itself had been hacked, taken down, and access denied. But all that has thankfully been solved after many days of off-and-on struggle. Allt things finally became OK yesterday, June 7th, in the evening. Hence today I have my first update again.

Send your suggestions to me.

Thank you.
Tony Mitra

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